My Nephew finally Graduated

I have a nephew named Keith Andrew Arocha. The youngest son of my second elder sister, Teresita Amparo Arocha. He is turning 7 years old this October this year. Haha… still a long way to go. My eldest sister told me that I should get up early to groom my nephew for his graduation day. I commit myself to do it for her since she commit to Keith first. I’ll do it in her behalf because she is too worked up cleaning the house.

I still have work to finish that time. I pushed myself to finish as early as possible. But I end up 3am. Aside for grooming my nephew, I am set o reserve a cottage for my mother’s birthday the following day. I need to hasten up with my work and get myself a sleep. But it was 3am already. And I say it’s late for everything. Nevertheless, I went to bed.

I usually woke up from sleeping to answer nature calls. I’ve got an unhealthy kidneys. Yes, both kidneys are seen with significant crystal stones. If only these crystals can be sold, I am definitely one of the richest in the country today. It was almost 6am when I went outside to get myself a peeing session. My mother was already outside tending to the number of water container lined up from last day. That’s how hardworking my mother is. I get that trait from her hehe…

Leaving my mother a note to wake me as soon as Keith has finished his breakfast. So it would be time for me to groom him. My mother was so obedient enough to wake me that she was banging the wall so hard from her room. Just in time to get up, my sister also woke up. Since she was committed to groom my nephew first, I ask her to do it and keep her words so I could go back to my sleep. Then I just past out. The next time I notice, it was already noon.


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