Fish Shopping at the Public Market

Ever since, I really hate going to the market. Especially the wet section. Gosh! It is not that I don’t like what’s in the place but it is the place itself.

Before you will start to misunderstood me, let me lay down my reasons.

First and foremost, I don’t know how to select fresh fish nor meat. Then I don’t know how to make price negotiation. Normally, when the vendor said the price, so long as I see the meat is okay, I buy it. That’s how dumb I am with business.

Then, I hate the smell of the place. That stinky smell goes into my nose and somehow for whatever reason will cause me headache. I don’t know, I can’t pacify this feeling more.

Third are the people. It is so crowded. I hate it when people bumped into me and for the reason that I am so lame, I get easily moved to another direction. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to be in the crowd. I prefer peaceful with few people around.

Fourth, the pathway. So watery! Canal water! I need to walk through the pathway with all these black colored water. Woooooooooh.. The germs. It’s like getting into my system and would consume why whole body in a second. Gosh.

Finally, the water, the blood and the stain. The water being thrown into the meat to wash it off and makes it looks fresh for the hour. Many vendors will just throw that into the fish and walah! It’ll hit you as well. What are you? A fish? I hate it. Now the blood. I hate to see blood; I might have a phobia with it but only during accident. It’s not even a phobia I think. But I hate it. When a vendor is chopping a piece of meat, some blood will just have wings that fly into you. That will be the stain.

That’s how problematic I am when my sibling or my mother asks me to go to the market. Amidst all these feeling, I still walked myself into the market and bough fish. There were stained on my t-shirt, a mud on my feet and a stinky smell when I went out the section. I immediately went to the hanging rice section and bought 200 pieces of it.

I hastened myself to get a tricycle to get home and get a nice wash up.

That’s a market experience.


Fire at Early Dawn

Before the sun could even rise in the sky, the like of it went down and shines bright past 1am. The fire started from a warehouse, the former shabu laboratory known worldwide as the biggest shabu laboratory in Southeast Asia. The fire was ablaze when we found it out.

People started to gather around and some are preparing their stuff so that if something goes wrong they could immediately evacuate easily. But for us, we were just standing by because we knew that trucks of fireman will be in the place to put off the fire. We were not wrong; we heard sirens of fireman’s truck coming from different area. We knew all along that we are out of danger.

But we never left our post just in case. We waited for the fire to be out and went back to bed. In less than an hour, it was out. The fire was out. It took me more than one hour to finally settle inside the house and tried to get myself to sleep. More work to do later. So I need to sleep.

The Preparation Day

Two days after the birthday celebration of my mother, finally I can now write some part of the whole story that day. But this post is for the day before the day itself. I call this the preparation day.

I woke up late because there was a fire at the neighborhood past 1am. So I went back to bed late in the morning already. When I woke up it was almost noon. So I hurried myself up and dragged again my niece to go with me to Super Metro Mandaue to shop for the things needed for tomorrow’s celebration.

When we got to the place, I am happy to see that there were minimal people also shopping in. It was not a busy day and it won’t be a hassle for me.

Slowly, my niece and I started to tour ourselves with all these high stack of consumables inside the grocery stores. Upon encountering the product that we need, I grab a two or more. It was almost an hour when we finished all through the racks and headed for the meat section. We got what we needed there and went through the cashier station.

But before getting into a line at the cashier, I passed through the wine section. Then I remember Mami Mai and May for that. The drunkard ladies. I got a Gilbeys, Lime and The Bar for themselves. Which, I am sure they’ll enjoy.

Arrived home so tired for shopping all these stuffs. Next stop, the public market for additional stuffs.

My Grandfather Passed Away

I got the new just early this evening from my Auntie Merlinda, my father’s older sister that my grandfather passed away last Wednesday. She received the news from my cousins who came to my auntie’s house to personally inform her about my Lolo Vicente’s death. I am sad to hear the news and everybody in the family does. But the news brought also a little stir to my already confused and super stressed mind. The whole family is scheduled to go to the beach tomorrow to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The plan is now  solid and we are just waiting for a change of day.

The notice is so late yet fast. Late because, we just received the news this evening and fast because he will be send to his final place tomorrow at 2pm. Literally, we are all confused. But since we are all set up, the plan must not be cancelled. So my father and mother, my auntie and the rest of their siblings met up at my other auntie’s place. My eldest was there during their discussion. When my sister arrived home, she shared to me what they have decided on matter.

They have decided to allow us to pursue with the plan on going to the beach tomorrow but my father will be left behind and show himself to the funeral tomorrow as our representative. Gosh, it is like an ambassador of our family. Setting the joke aside, he will show up there for the reason that he is one of the few members of the family who is known to the family of the deceased. I concur with that reason and beside I have not met the person and his family. If we ever had, we’ve never recognized each other. Though I really really wanted to know them all. But I can’t do that. I have my own life to live and a life to support. Meeting them would require me time of knowing them. It will be the first and we will just be strangers on the road passing each others by.

I just want to say a prayer for my lolo for a peaceful rest. May God call him to be by His side. To the left behind of the deceased, my auntie and cousins, be strong, have faith and pray that his passing will help you move forward and to keep your family more solid. Love and respect is key.

Finally, I’ve done the first draft of the new site that has emerged from multi-talented and multi-tasking ACS of the Phils., Inc. A Xerox Company employee. The is a product of the usual trash talk, jokes, bullying and making fun of each other’s mistake while on duty.

Of the many fun we had and will have, the many jokes we had thrown and will be throwing, the many mistakes we unconsciously or consciously said and done, we just came up with an idea to start compiling them all. This is the reason of the existence of We wanted to put into writing our experiences and activities while in the 8hours shift length. It is anything and basically everything that happen in ACS of the Phils., Inc., A Xerox Company premise for the future to come. To have moments to read back and reminder of the past while we were still an employee of the company, officemates, shiftmates, comrades and as friends.

Sharing stories to is not only to our shift mates only but to employees who are a member of Wellpoint Anthem family. To those who are not a member of the family, you can share your views, reactions and comments in each post. We allow you post what you have in mind about each post.

So guys don’t dare missing a single post from

A Bonus from my Client

It’s been a while since my client asked me to send her the banner that I created for her company’s blogsite. But because I was so preoccupied with all these personal matters, I wasn’t able to communicate with her to answer to her request. It was last day when I was finally caught her online. I sent her a message, talked for a while and sent her the logo.

After a while, she answered to my mail with another request. She requested to add some text to the banner which she quoted. I was so exhausted that morning from working, so I was not in the mood to do any design. I signed off without leaving her a note. But I know she understands. She always is.

She is by the General Manager of Imperial Accounting Solution LLC, an accounting firm in the USA. Today, I’ve talked to her again informing her that I am working on the banner. She was happy that finally I am on to the banner. After a while I sent her a message that I had already emailed her the banner. After a minute of two, I received her reply. To quote “Joe, I love it!” I like the banner so much. Since I gave her three options, she even asked me which of the three I like most. I gave her my honest answer. The answer was the same as her.

There was silence in YM for a while. The next time she messaged me, she was informing me that she has given me a bonus for the job well done with the banner. She was so grateful and so am I. I was so thankful for her giving me a bonus. More to it is an accomplishment for recognizing my effort to make the design beautiful.

I’ve received many bonuses from the past employers but this one is more memorable. I worked on this alone so I deserve this more than anything else.

Thank you so much Marilyn.

To know more about my client please visit and the blogsite that I made,

Thank you guys.

My Friend’s Tempting Invitation

I was in my afternoon appointment today when my phone started ringing. I reached for my phone from the packet of my sling bag to see of who the message was. It was from my friend – Welkie Largado. For his high school friends and for those who knew him starting from his secondary years, he is Willie Largado. But for us who knew him since elementary, we call him Welkie.

He invited me to go with him and his family to our hometown, Tuburan. God knows how I wanted to back to that place. He is going there because his father just arrived from his work as a chef in an international commercial shipping line. His father brought with him his car via a boat from Luzon. So going to Tuburan would not cost me any penny. It was so tempting. I wanted to rushed myself; prepare clothes and head to Welkie’s location. But I couldn’t. I have work here, a mother’s birthday to work on and a penniless pocket. Yes, I don’t budget to go on a trip for the time being. All what I have now is for my mother’s birthday celebration.

Also, I don’t want to interfere with his family’s first outing since the unknown years. They’ve got lots of time to mend and a heart to reconcile. So who am I to interfere? I just give him my wish for a happy and safety trip and come back safe because we still have to go back to Tuburan by next week. Just in time for the holy week. We will be visiting our elementary friends then. But of course, this is still a plan. A plan I hope to come.