My Friend’s Tempting Invitation

I was in my afternoon appointment today when my phone started ringing. I reached for my phone from the packet of my sling bag to see of who the message was. It was from my friend – Welkie Largado. For his high school friends and for those who knew him starting from his secondary years, he is Willie Largado. But for us who knew him since elementary, we call him Welkie.

He invited me to go with him and his family to our hometown, Tuburan. God knows how I wanted to back to that place. He is going there because his father just arrived from his work as a chef in an international commercial shipping line. His father brought with him his car via a boat from Luzon. So going to Tuburan would not cost me any penny. It was so tempting. I wanted to rushed myself; prepare clothes and head to Welkie’s location. But I couldn’t. I have work here, a mother’s birthday to work on and a penniless pocket. Yes, I don’t budget to go on a trip for the time being. All what I have now is for my mother’s birthday celebration.

Also, I don’t want to interfere with his family’s first outing since the unknown years. They’ve got lots of time to mend and a heart to reconcile. So who am I to interfere? I just give him my wish for a happy and safety trip and come back safe because we still have to go back to Tuburan by next week. Just in time for the holy week. We will be visiting our elementary friends then. But of course, this is still a plan. A plan I hope to come.


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