Android Installation with Eclipse IDE

NOTE: I would advise placing all your installation under ONE FOLDER in a path without spaces(must be followed), e.g C:/AndroidInstallers. For your workspace, might as well place under drive C with folder name AndroidWorkspace.

1. Download and install both JDK and JRE from here:

2.Download and install SDK from this site:

3.Download and install Eclipse for windows user from

4. You may follow instructions in installing Android in Eclipse from either of the following sites:

4.a. From the “Downloading the ADT Plugin” section of

4.b. Or from

5. Makes sure you have made AVD/Emulator using the SDK and AVD Manager. Consider making AVD’s for all versions available.

6. Do instruction under “Configuring the ADT Plugin” section in

7. You may now make a sample program like “HelloWorld” following the instructions from