Reserve a Cottage for my Beloved Mother’s Birthday Celebration but Failed.

I intend to sleep early last night at about 3am. Yes, it is still early for because I usually sleep at 6am to 7am in the morning. The sun has risen during those hours. I opt to sleep during those hours so I could take my breakfast first before having myself a beautiful sleep because I don’t take lunch when I get up at noon. I immediately prepare myself for work. So, 3am is still early for me.

I sleep that early because I already set up my mind to wake up early to go the Hadsan Cove Resort to booked for a cottage for the coming birthday celebration of my beloved mother. Yes, it’s her 57th birthday celebration. I wanted to give this celebration to her because in her entire life, she never had birthday celebration outside home. So sad to say but it’s because of the scarcity of financial resources. This is with the help of my other siblings. I forced them all to help me with the expenses. Like always, they never say no when I plan on something for the family. They know what they’ll going to get from not supporting my plan. After all this is for the whole family.

Back to my mother’s birthday celebration. This is also her 9th birthday celebration where the family prepares varieties of food on the table. I started this all. Back when I was still so young, I noticed during birthdays of the member of the family, my father just prepare a native chicken and cash gift for the celebrant as his gift and his way of showing that the family is celebrating birthday. I dislike his way from the start. I promised to myself that by the time I will start earning money on my own, I will celebrate birthdays of my siblings and my mother’s. And I am proud and happy to say that I still keep that promise.

So unfortunate, I woke up nearing noon. Aside from getting a reservation from Hadsan Cove Resort, I still need to go on an appointment with a place I cannot divulge here. It was already 4:30pm when I left my afternoon appointment. I rushed home to change clothes and dragged my niece who is at here 10 to go with me to reserve a cottage for this Sunday’s event. She never refused because she knows we are heading to the sea. We just commute our way their. The place is far and probably will take off 300 box from my pocket. I won’t dare losing that much for a one way fare.

Past 5pm when we arrived at the beach. I ask the security personnel on how to book a cottage for my mother’s birthday celebration. So helpless to accept and a waste of time to hear that their office personnel who are authorized to accept payment for any reservation has left for home. I’ve learned my lesson today. That for normal offices, its 8am to 5 pm as their office hours. But I plan to go back later since its 3:30am when I write this post. Most of all, always be on appointment on time.


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