Workmates at Lexmark Research and Development Corporation

I was transferred here at Lexmark Research and Development Corporation (LRDC) during the last week of September this year. I was not thinking this was possible after my contract with Lexmark International Philippines Inc. (LIPI) was ended, but I was positive though. I knew that this would happened because of the work load piling up for the team. Crazy?!, I was just half hearted about this. This will be until this month only. However a move from the higher management expressing another extension of the contract. But this is still to be finalized. And if ever it’ll be extended, I don’t know for how long. It’s okay because I’ll be benefiting more for every month staying here.

In my possibly last month here, let me have this moment to introduce to you my LRDC Support Services team mates.

Firstly is our Project Analyst, Miss Gladys Lumanog. A married woman, about 5 feet tall in her 30’s. A beautiful, nice and warm project analyst. She’s been with Lexmark for 8 years now including her contractual years like I am now. A very professional and witty analyst. She is willing to impart her learning to those who are willing to learn. She loves to see people growing and learning with her help and guidance.  She masters Lotus Notes , Visual basic and .Net programming. A woman with a heart. A true definition of small but terribly witty woman.

Then Genevieve Tero, also an application developer. A former contractual employee now having her time as a regular employee. A meek woman with wits. She does best with her job. She know what she is doing and is confident about it. A seldom talker but a frequent performer as I would describe her. The management even plan sending her to travel for China to facilitate the project there. Unfortunately, because of the error entered on her birth certificate, she can’t be there.

Mr. Renemar Sultones, a web developer. He is an LRDC home grown programmer. He has been with LRDC for six months now. He’s here in this team even before us. A master of PHP programming and also has a wide knowledge with Java programming. He has developed big and difficult systems in his short stay at LRDC. He is a man who knows how to value a single peso from his pocket. He is the sole person in our team who has saved more than half of his 6 months salary. A human ant in action. A millionaire in the future.

Roche Plando, an application developer. Still under contract with an agency like me. A programmer by heart with a shadow of a beauty queen. I’ve been with this guy since the last year of college. We’ve work with many software developments since then. He is knowledgeable in PHP, Lotus Notes and .Net Programming.

Finally is the guy who joined the team last. He is Jeremy Ling. He master PHP programming as he has worked with this programming language for many years now. A former team lead now a IT Web Developer. I can’t tell you more about this guy except that he is professionally and personally good.

These are all my team mates here at Lexmark Research and Development Corporation. A stay with them is forever valued and treasured.