Next IX : The Funny Wrath

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Today – I am absent due to head pain, but because of that I’ve come to realized that there’s no time requirement and no qualifications for friendship to develop and grow. I’m just over a month working at Next IX Systems Inc. but I suddenly feel the feeling of miss to the people I’ve come to work with in the company. It’s rare for me to feel this way  but I am feeling it now. I think it’s because of the fun I am having while in the company. I call it the funny wrath of a Nile Sensie.


This started with the evil funny master planner Raffy Gozon Englis. The master funny villain of a Nile Sensie. The one who constantly make the workplace fun and healthy place with a twist of wrath. Slowly giving low blows to his subject, a Nile Sensie. Igniting the fire that would free the sharpened arrows to the subject. Like any other villains, he has his own army of apprentices, IPhone Master Developer Jay-Ar Atamosa, Group Jump King Lester G. Cabalona, Aviva Supreme Eman Daryl. Together, these guys made the evil funny master invincible (rawr – murag lion).


But wait, there’s more adding to the army. The assistant managers Eddie Ybanez and Vince Loremia adding some arrows that tickles to the bones of the subject. From time to time they hit small blows to the subject that lightens the worplace’s atmosphere even more. Waiting at the sides to make a devilish smiles and simple laughs that spells more arrows for a Nile Sensie are Neftali Papelleras and John Rey Borres.


Above these all, the audience hungers for more joke to explode are Ebi, Angela and Rey Philip Siega Regis. These guys are sitting at the front row while the act is on going all day and everyday.


But our subject a Nile Sensie would not let himself being just a mere subject. He will fight to his last breath. He will be strong and brave all these funny villains. He will not let the wrath hurt him. He will not let himself hit by these sharps arrows of low blows.  He will win the fight. He will.


But not until a Nile Sensie will fight back, this story will remain unfinished.