First Day of December 2010

It’s been a while since my last blog and I missed blogging so much. I was so busy these past months because of work. But, I am not blaming my work, okay. In fact I am blessed with the kind of work I am having. This is the fulfillment of my years in college and as IT Professional. This is the time of harvest. Good harvest for my years of hard labor. I thank Him for all of these.

Now is the first day of December 2010 and I can’t get over the feeling that it’s Christmas again. The time for love, joy and happiness. The yuletide season! The season to share love with family, friends, love ones and mostly for yourself to make this season full of joy and happiness.

Last year, I was still with my previous employer. I can still remember I emceed the company Christmas party together with Iresh and my friend Bobie. It was the most memorable and the happiest christmas party I’ve ever been. Wheew. Writing this sadden my heart because I will not be experiencing it again. Never again. I’ll be missing a lot. Lots of my friends. To name a few, there is who I call Mami Mai, Dhang, May, Melanie, Miss K, Noel, At Riza, Ivy Taas, Ivy Gamay, Emz, April, my batchmates and whole of Anthem. (Sigh).. I just missed you all. I may not be with them but I am still thankful though for the chance and the time to experience  such a party. I wish them success and happiness in life.

I am currently at the office but I can’t miss the first of December 2010 without writing anything on my blog. I’ve got two deadlines and presentations later this afternoon but it’s okay. It’s fine cause I know I’ll be fine. I could only wish for more of the words love, joy and happiness entails as much as I would like to feel the true meaning of success.

Merry Christmas All.


10-10-10: CLNHS Batch 2001 Reunion(update)

Meeting Niño Sayson

Meeting Niño Sayson was our next destination. He is the better half of Julnamie Castro. Niño is my relative and Julnamie is my best friend. We were classmates way back elementary. They have a cute little princess now. He is attending the salon put up by Julnamie’s sister. Julnamie and Niño take turns in taking care of the salon, but mostly it is Niño. We need to drop at the salon to inform him about the plan of going to Molobolo. Actually we were trying to tag him along.

While we were on our way to the salon, I started reminiscing that small and always smiling little guy. Everytime I see him, he never lose that smile. I still want to see that same smile when I’ll meet him.

Our personal driver Mr. Welkie didn’t know the salon or where the new market is. What we had is the direction given by Julnamie which we just followed. Fortunately locating the salon was not a hard task. We arrived at the place with a big question mark on our faces. We all had the same question in our mind, if it was the salon where Niño was.

Rheamy was the one to recognized Niño first. I was still in question if it was really him, but he recognized me first and greeted me with a smile. The smile I wanted to see from him. He even called me “Ga” which I am not used to be called. Welkie and Rheamy were laughing upon hearing what Niño called me. But it was okay. It was not a big deal.

We stopped at the salon for a very refreshing talk with Niño. It was a fun filled talk. Everyone was all laughing. This guy never changed. He was the same Niño that I’ve know decades ago. Our next stop is Anthony’s.

My Daily Servings Ranks on Google

I just want to share my google experience for a day. I’ve been working on this blogsite under wordpress since last year. Actually this is my second account on wordpress. The first one is Jebra’s Blog. Jebra’s Blog is about me and my life experiences. Then I came to realized that I don’t like my name on the URL, so I created My Daily Servings. I had hard time thinking on a good account name. It took me about 10 minutes. That hard hah.

Anyways, just as soon as I posted my first blog, the second came next and so on. I am also conscious with my blog’s daily visitors. I always check my blog stats to check if the number is incrementing everyday. I been so happy so far with the result because each day, I have visitors and they are adding up to total.

Today, I checked with google to see how my My Daily Servings fair with the competition on google rank. I was stunned with the result. Though the ranking with Google Pilipinas and Google USA is not the same but either way the result made my heart leaped.

For Google Pilipinas, My Daily Servings rank first:

And for Google USA, My Daily Servings rank second:

See if for yourself, google keyword “My Daily Servings” or “mydailyservings”

Jo Ann Origenes Striking Line

Jo Ann Origenes, my officemate and a friend threw a very striking line last day that really got all my attention. I had to make her repeat the line just to be sure. Striking because somehow there is something I’ve felt upon hearing the words that she said. It opens my other senses that I’ve forced to sleep for many months now. It hit deep into my heart that made me re-think and re-evaluate the place where I am now, what I have achieved and how I’ve been this past years.

All came back to me. Everything that I planned before I graduate from college back to the years when I’ve stopped studying until the day I graduated from high school. All the plans from there came back to me upon hearing Joan’s line. I have great plans and aspirations in life. I worked dead hard just to achieve those dreams but I fell short. I am not even half way there. I’ve only achieved less than I planned to achieve. I’ve only reached the first step of the ladder on the way to the top.

Knowing how far it is, makes me feel nervous and scared of life. A year is just days away. Every year that ends, is another year adding up to my age, another new pressure and a year less to my target. But I am not achieving anything. What I am scared of is living my life amounting to nothing. I’ve been living this life for more 2 decades now. What about the next decade? Will I be achieving something for myself? Something that is fulfilling? Something that is the realization of some of my dreams? Too many questions but until now I deem grasping.

Please visit bogoonDOTcom to know Jo Ann Origenes’ line that strike me straight to the heart.

Blesselda Capacio’s nearing flight abroad

I am set to finished blogging about how beautiful and amazing it was to tripped back to my hometown. I wanted to write everything about what happened, the people I have met and make me smile and about people who tore my heart when my eyes met them. But I need to insert this post before anything and before it will be too late.

I read a comment on my post from my friend Jerilyn Calambro about our friend; Blesselda Capacio’s nearing flight abroad. I was so shocked, awakened and disappointed. I was shocked to hear the news about her going abroad because it is not this soon that I am expecting her to go out from this country and find a vast prairie of opportunity in another country. I was awakened and at the same time disappointed because from the time that I got her number from our common friend; Welkie, I failed many times in sending her an SMS. It was almost a month now when I had her number but I failed to send her a simple hi and hello.

Right after reading the comment, I instantly grabbed my phone and sent her a hi and how are you. A message of missing and love for her was all I could do during that instant. I could not understand my feelings very well that time but all I know is to say all those words to her. I really miss her so much even if I failed many times contacting her. Gladly I received a reply from her and the texting goes on from there. Then I suggested to have a reunion with the group before her leaving for another land. And I am writing this post hoping that:


could read this. Guys, let us meet before Blesselda can be far far away from us all. Please text me at 09228408714, 09103408714.

I will be waiting………………..

Meeting Julnamie Casto

After having short talk with Rheamy Ligtas and after knowing that she was at the road side waiting for a V-Hire bound for the city, Welkie and I convinced her to not pursue what she had planned, instead to go with us in visiting our classmates. It was such as short and effortless one because for all I know, she also wanted to do it.

We just walked our way to Julnamie’s house. Before really seeing Julnamie, we were guided by a little boy to where she is really living with Niño Sayson(one of our batchmate and Julnamie’s better half). Reaching there place was disappointing because she was not there. The excitement I had was about to burst but I keep my balance. So we went to her mother’s place. There was Julnamie beside a the well which is also just along the national road. She was doing their laundry. I could almost run towards her but I keep my pace. I went to her and hugged her. God knows how I missed this girl so much. Beside her was her little princess. Oh, I can’t remember her princess’ name. My bad and my apology to Julnamie.

She was also surprised to see us three there. Like she always was, a very accommodating to her friends, she left her laundry to settled for a talk that we never had for more than a decade.

Julnamie Castro, a daughter of the barangay’s health officer, a typical morena, beautiful, an twinkling eyes, a good hearted, good sense of humor and true friend. This is how I remember her. Her princess was sitting on her lap while we were talking. That talked was like in my grade four. It is as if I went back to the past along with Rheamy and Welkie. We were like sitting there as grade 4 students. Hearing Julnamie’s voice while she was talking to us, she brought me back to the past. Though she has her princess and Niño in her life, she is still this Julnamie that I’ve known. I thank for time didn’t allow her to change into someone I could not even dare looking. She was still this girl I always wanted to see.

The talked was so light, funny and full of good memories in the past. Then we decided to go to Molobolo Spring to bask ourselves in the cold spring and a sea water just beside it. To rekindle, reconnect, and spend a little more time with each other.