First Day of December 2010

It’s been a while since my last blog and I missed blogging so much. I was so busy these past months because of work. But, I am not blaming my work, okay. In fact I am blessed with the kind of work I am having. This is the fulfillment of my years in college and as IT Professional. This is the time of harvest. Good harvest for my years of hard labor. I thank Him for all of these.

Now is the first day of December 2010 and I can’t get over the feeling that it’s Christmas again. The time for love, joy and happiness. The yuletide season! The season to share love with family, friends, love ones and mostly for yourself to make this season full of joy and happiness.

Last year, I was still with my previous employer. I can still remember I emceed the company Christmas party together with Iresh and my friend Bobie. It was the most memorable and the happiest christmas party I’ve ever been. Wheew. Writing this sadden my heart because I will not be experiencing it again. Never again. I’ll be missing a lot. Lots of my friends. To name a few, there is who I call Mami Mai, Dhang, May, Melanie, Miss K, Noel, At Riza, Ivy Taas, Ivy Gamay, Emz, April, my batchmates and whole of Anthem. (Sigh).. I just missed you all. I may not be with them but I am still thankful though for the chance and the time to experience¬† such a party. I wish them success and happiness in life.

I am currently at the office but I can’t miss the first of December 2010 without writing anything on my blog. I’ve got two deadlines and presentations later this afternoon but it’s okay. It’s fine cause I know I’ll be fine. I could only wish for more of the words love, joy and happiness entails as much as I would like to feel the true meaning of success.

Merry Christmas All.


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