My Daily Servings Ranks on Google

I just want to share my google experience for a day. I’ve been working on this blogsite under wordpress since last year. Actually this is my second account on wordpress. The first one is Jebra’s Blog. Jebra’s Blog is about me and my life experiences. Then I came to realized that I don’t like my name on the URL, so I created My Daily Servings. I had hard time thinking on a good account name. It took me about 10 minutes. That hard hah.

Anyways, just as soon as I posted my first blog, the second came next and so on. I am also conscious with my blog’s daily visitors. I always check my blog stats to check if the number is incrementing everyday. I been so happy so far with the result because each day, I have visitors and they are adding up to total.

Today, I checked with google to see how my My Daily Servings fair with the competition on google rank. I was stunned with the result. Though the ranking with Google Pilipinas and Google USA is not the same but either way the result made my heart leaped.

For Google Pilipinas, My Daily Servings rank first:

And for Google USA, My Daily Servings rank second:

See if for yourself, google keyword “My Daily Servings” or “mydailyservings”


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