Meeting Niño Sayson

Meeting Niño Sayson was our next destination. He is the better half of Julnamie Castro. Niño is my relative and Julnamie is my best friend. We were classmates way back elementary. They have a cute little princess now. He is attending the salon put up by Julnamie’s sister. Julnamie and Niño take turns in taking care of the salon, but mostly it is Niño. We need to drop at the salon to inform him about the plan of going to Molobolo. Actually we were trying to tag him along.

While we were on our way to the salon, I started reminiscing that small and always smiling little guy. Everytime I see him, he never lose that smile. I still want to see that same smile when I’ll meet him.

Our personal driver Mr. Welkie didn’t know the salon or where the new market is. What we had is the direction given by Julnamie which we just followed. Fortunately locating the salon was not a hard task. We arrived at the place with a big question mark on our faces. We all had the same question in our mind, if it was the salon where Niño was.

Rheamy was the one to recognized Niño first. I was still in question if it was really him, but he recognized me first and greeted me with a smile. The smile I wanted to see from him. He even called me “Ga” which I am not used to be called. Welkie and Rheamy were laughing upon hearing what Niño called me. But it was okay. It was not a big deal.

We stopped at the salon for a very refreshing talk with Niño. It was a fun filled talk. Everyone was all laughing. This guy never changed. He was the same Niño that I’ve know decades ago. Our next stop is Anthony’s.


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