Blesselda Capacio’s nearing flight abroad

I am set to finished blogging about how beautiful and amazing it was to tripped back to my hometown. I wanted to write everything about what happened, the people I have met and make me smile and about people who tore my heart when my eyes met them. But I need to insert this post before anything and before it will be too late.

I read a comment on my post from my friend Jerilyn Calambro about our friend; Blesselda Capacio’s nearing flight abroad. I was so shocked, awakened and disappointed. I was shocked to hear the news about her going abroad because it is not this soon that I am expecting her to go out from this country and find a vast prairie of opportunity in another country. I was awakened and at the same time disappointed because from the time that I got her number from our common friend; Welkie, I failed many times in sending her an SMS. It was almost a month now when I had her number but I failed to send her a simple hi and hello.

Right after reading the comment, I instantly grabbed my phone and sent her a hi and how are you. A message of missing and love for her was all I could do during that instant. I could not understand my feelings very well that time but all I know is to say all those words to her. I really miss her so much even if I failed many times contacting her. Gladly I received a reply from her and the texting goes on from there. Then I suggested to have a reunion with the group before her leaving for another land. And I am writing this post hoping that:


could read this. Guys, let us meet before Blesselda can be far far away from us all. Please text me at 09228408714, 09103408714.

I will be waiting………………..


3 Responses to “Blesselda Capacio’s nearing flight abroad”

  1. Jeljel Says:

    hihihi:) jom nakalarga nah c bless.. nig uli nah lng ni jekjek reunion nah ta ana.. for sure.. 🙂

  2. Armida Jadraque Says:

    Hi! Jom,

    I just read this post… hehehe

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