Meeting Rheamy Ligtas

I was so excited to reach Julnamie Castro’s abode since Welkie and I were on our way there. Then suddenly I heard Welkie said Rheamy Ligtas’ name. I didn’t believe what I heard so I asked him again while looking for Rheamy. While he was repeating the name, I already saw Rheamy at the road side. I didn’t wait for the motorcycle to make a full stop, I hopped myself from the motorcycle. I was so stunned and overwhelmed to see her in Colonia. I didn’t expect her to be there. Well I hoped that she’d be there and to really see her there was something far beyond my imagination.

Remember my post ”A dinner with my friend to call it a day”? She is was the girl I was referring to. Remember also the I’ve mentioned in that post about their moving to Tuburan? That is how my hope of seeing her there started. And finally, I’ve seen, met and hugged her. I just missed Rheamy so badly.

There are many reasons why I missed her so much. For one, she is the daughter of a couples who was so good to me way back in my childhood – my tiyo and tiya. Second, she is one of my closest relatives. Third, she is my classmate and batchmate. Forth, she is one of my closest friends. Fifth and final, she was so good to me and someone I just cant dare forgetting. And so I really longed and looked forward to seeing her. I am just so blessed that day that I’ve met her.

Rheamy Ligtas way back in elementary was a refine and beautiful girl. She was quite at times and rowdy at some times. She was good in class and to everyone in the campus. But you just have to make the first approach because she was not used to doing it first. I cant forget competing with her for the best in writing which she eventually won. She was a lady amidst kids.

We went along well with our other barkadas. It was only when I transferred to the city for my last year in elementary that I separate ways with them.


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