Meeting Julnamie Casto

After having short talk with Rheamy Ligtas and after knowing that she was at the road side waiting for a V-Hire bound for the city, Welkie and I convinced her to not pursue what she had planned, instead to go with us in visiting our classmates. It was such as short and effortless one because for all I know, she also wanted to do it.

We just walked our way to Julnamie’s house. Before really seeing Julnamie, we were guided by a little boy to where she is really living with Niño Sayson(one of our batchmate and Julnamie’s better half). Reaching there place was disappointing because she was not there. The excitement I had was about to burst but I keep my balance. So we went to her mother’s place. There was Julnamie beside a the well which is also just along the national road. She was doing their laundry. I could almost run towards her but I keep my pace. I went to her and hugged her. God knows how I missed this girl so much. Beside her was her little princess. Oh, I can’t remember her princess’ name. My bad and my apology to Julnamie.

She was also surprised to see us three there. Like she always was, a very accommodating to her friends, she left her laundry to settled for a talk that we never had for more than a decade.

Julnamie Castro, a daughter of the barangay’s health officer, a typical morena, beautiful, an twinkling eyes, a good hearted, good sense of humor and true friend. This is how I remember her. Her princess was sitting on her lap while we were talking. That talked was like in my grade four. It is as if I went back to the past along with Rheamy and Welkie. We were like sitting there as grade 4 students. Hearing Julnamie’s voice while she was talking to us, she brought me back to the past. Though she has her princess and Niño in her life, she is still this Julnamie that I’ve known. I thank for time didn’t allow her to change into someone I could not even dare looking. She was still this girl I always wanted to see.

The talked was so light, funny and full of good memories in the past. Then we decided to go to Molobolo Spring to bask ourselves in the cold spring and a sea water just beside it. To rekindle, reconnect, and spend a little more time with each other.


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