Meeting Allen Colongan

On our way to Colonia, the first house we stopped by was Allen Colongan’s. Her house is situated at the mountainside and an overlooking from the national road. I am not an engineer or someone who is great with numbers and calculations but I think her house is 15 meters above the ground. My appology to Allen if I am making wrong calculation.

Anyways, just a recall about Allen way back grade 5; she was this petite girl, with white complexion, and ear length straight hair, and beautiful. But we never became close friends. She was in the second section and I viewed her as snubbish and choosy with whom to befriend with. Despite how little the population of grade 5 students, I never had the chance to really know her, but I know she knew me very well while I knew her by her face.

Just to mention, Welkie and Allen are good friends. We paid a visit, luckily Allen was there. I was looking up to her house and still looking for her. After closely looking at the girl who was so obviously uneasy to hear her name asked by Welkie, I then recognized her. I had the hard time recognizing her because, she is now a morena, long haired and totally different from what she was and from what I am expecting. We climbed or way to their very nice and clean home through a slopy path.

Allen is now practicing her profession as educator in one of the school in Tuburan. I forgot the name of the school but I never forget how she described it as a very far. Located in one of the mountain in Tuburan. Just imagine how far it is to pay a 150 pesos one way ride to that place. Gosh, I cant imagine how difficult it is for her. But I laud her dedication and genuinely true to her profession.

She didn’t recognized me at first. Welkie toyed her for guessing who I am. Unfortunately, she forgot my name but she recognizes my face. So I was introduced to her. After hearing my name, I saw that gladness of seeing me again.

A quite few lines spared and we left her home and headed for another friend’s abode. We were targeting on Georgina Gorgonia’s house.


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