Trip to Tuburan

We left Mandaue at 5:05am to officially start our trip to Tuburan. I was on Welikie’s motorcycle with him driving his ride. My heart started to feel a different kind of excitement knowing that any hours from now, we will be in Tuburan. The town that has kept me for many years. The place that has mold me to be better today. The place that has keep my love to keep coming back to this provincial town. The place that keeps on keeping my childhood memory the sweetest kind of memory to remenis and the place where my heart is.

As we slowly approached new places and slowly left another places, we are getting closer to Tuburan. My heart keep on pumping diffrently. I am just so excited to reach the place. The iterinary is just plain and simple. To see our classmates from elementary. I know Welkie would give a flying visit to his family in Caridad. He mentioned about his lolo most of the time when talked about the place. As for me, aside from wanting to see Julnamie Casto, Rheamy Ligtas, Rubelyn Ligtas, Marivic Bankok, Anthony Cabintoy, Niño Sayson(better half of Julnamie Castro), Rolando Mahinay and all my classmates in elementary, I am also planning to give a quick visit to my lola and tiya’s. Lola Sencia and Tiya Lina to mention.

Seeing them all is the fullfillment of this trip to Tuburan. My only wish is the realization of the whole iterinary. This is just so simple but this could also be impossible and could fail. But as positive as I am, I am very optimistic.

There is scattered rain shower along the way, a numbness due to prolonged sitting on a motorcycle and an empty stomach, but these will not stop us from continuing our trip to Tuburan.


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