My Last Words of Goodbye

An hour before the change of day and before I will start counting five more hours to my trip to my hometown Tuburan with Wilkie will start, I was busy preparing my stuff for an overnight stay in my beloved Tuburan. I even posted “I’m traveling for Tuburan at 5am tomorrow. Tuburan is my hometown and my whole family too. If I’m not gonna come back before Sunday ends, consider this as my last post. Probably I’m gone for eternity.” on facebook. I wanted to say say my last words of goodbye before I’ll head for Tuburan and just in any case any thing might went wrong, at least I have said my last piece.

I was inspired to left words of goodbye because I have read a post from my friend about his friend’s accidentall and unexpected death. They never expected it so there were no words spoken before his friend’s passing. It is always like this, right? How could anybody know his day of dying? No one! I just found it so sad. That is why, before I leave this earthly body, I could at least say my goodbye to all.

After posting such funny yet heatfelt line on facebook, I turn off my PC and went to bed. Clock is ticking but my body and mind are still in tune to do something for a night. Sleeping early was not my kind of thing. I normally stay awake for the whole night and go to bed early in the morning. It is either before the sun comes up or the after the sun has risen.

I’ve checked the clock many times until it was almost 2am. But still I am wide awake. I would like to get out from bed and face the computer again to finished my unfinished work. I didn’t because for me, aside from needing to get a good rest for the trip in a few hours, I have said my last words of goodbye and I don’t want to break my rule of not breaking my principle and a promise. I still forced myself to sleep and woke up 4am from Welkie’s text.


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