Meeting Ruby Villafranca

After having our breakfast and before we headed for Colonia where most of the people that we hoped to see are living, I asked Welkie to dropped by at my friend’s home – Ruby Villafranca. When we got there, I first met her mother who took care of me and my siblings when we stayed in their home more than 3 days last 3 years ago like her own children. It was this the same time when we stayed there for 3 days.

Ruby’s mother guide me to where her where about now. We got into this place near the shore and into a small way to her home. It was a typical house that I expected but still a home where people are living with love and respect. A home ready to embrace and welcome me and my family over and over again.

We greeted with how we greeted ourselves in the past. Shouting each other’s name. That is how we are. For others who have heard us for the first time, I know they will see us unusually unsual. But for us, it is our way of sending our misses for each other. We talked for a while and at least, I’ve seen them after years of missing them.

We are not related by consanguinity or any affinity but my family and her family are like best friends. Everytime any of my family member pays a visit to Tuburan, Ruby’s family is also the family that is a must to visit. Gladly, Welkie gave in to my request. We left her home and continued our trip to Colonia.


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