I Wait and Wait

Replying to Welkie’s text was all I could do before going downstairs to prepare myself for the trip. I’ve noticed the time on my mobile phone that was 4am. It was too early for me. I didn’t want to move because I’ve set my phone to alarm 30 minutes after but I need to. Going back to sleep would mean another good sleep and a long one.

I finished preparing myself early and send an SMS to Welkie that I am ready for the day’s adventure to Tuburan. He replied implying me to wait for him. So I waited for him. Maybe because I was so excited to head for my hometown, every minute of waiting for his arrival to my home here in Mandaue was like waiting in agony. But I wait and wait.

Then a message from him made my mobile phone to make a beeping sound. A message implying to wait further. Gosh, this waiting is slowly killing my excitement. And for all this time, I’ve hated waiting so much like I hated people to break their promise. But I understand his reason. The sky is showering his blessing for the day. There was a rain shower at an early hour of the day. That is something we are not capable of stopping. But I wait and wait and still wait.
Finally just 5 minutes past 5am, he showed up. And started the trip to Tuburan and Tuburan here we come.


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