Arriving Tuburan.

When we reached Tuburan, our stomach was crying for food. I was hungry but Welkie was starving. We immediately look for a place to eat. I was thankful for Welkie’s considerate personality to let me decide the place to eat. We went a little round around the market to see which carenderya is open at about 8 in the morning but I got the previledged of selecting where to eat.

It was a little disappointing to know that there were only few stores that were opened during those hours. And I was left with few choices. So we settled ourselves in an unlikely place. A place I normally don’t eat. The place where I see how foods were prepared in unlikely manner. I could still endure of not having any food to eat and I was just thinking for bread to eat but for Welkie, I think I think the place was better and just settled in to order some food.

Welkie knows how picky I am with what food to eat. To be honest I wasn’t happy with the food prepared. As I was smelling each variety, my appepite was losing even more. What else can I do, I know we need to eat. If I’m not going to eat, surely he wont as well.


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