The Preparation Day

Two days after the birthday celebration of my mother, finally I can now write some part of the whole story that day. But this post is for the day before the day itself. I call this the preparation day.

I woke up late because there was a fire at the neighborhood past 1am. So I went back to bed late in the morning already. When I woke up it was almost noon. So I hurried myself up and dragged again my niece to go with me to Super Metro Mandaue to shop for the things needed for tomorrow’s celebration.

When we got to the place, I am happy to see that there were minimal people also shopping in. It was not a busy day and it won’t be a hassle for me.

Slowly, my niece and I started to tour ourselves with all these high stack of consumables inside the grocery stores. Upon encountering the product that we need, I grab a two or more. It was almost an hour when we finished all through the racks and headed for the meat section. We got what we needed there and went through the cashier station.

But before getting into a line at the cashier, I passed through the wine section. Then I remember Mami Mai and May for that. The drunkard ladies. I got a Gilbeys, Lime and The Bar for themselves. Which, I am sure they’ll enjoy.

Arrived home so tired for shopping all these stuffs. Next stop, the public market for additional stuffs.


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