Fish Shopping at the Public Market

Ever since, I really hate going to the market. Especially the wet section. Gosh! It is not that I don’t like what’s in the place but it is the place itself.

Before you will start to misunderstood me, let me lay down my reasons.

First and foremost, I don’t know how to select fresh fish nor meat. Then I don’t know how to make price negotiation. Normally, when the vendor said the price, so long as I see the meat is okay, I buy it. That’s how dumb I am with business.

Then, I hate the smell of the place. That stinky smell goes into my nose and somehow for whatever reason will cause me headache. I don’t know, I can’t pacify this feeling more.

Third are the people. It is so crowded. I hate it when people bumped into me and for the reason that I am so lame, I get easily moved to another direction. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to be in the crowd. I prefer peaceful with few people around.

Fourth, the pathway. So watery! Canal water! I need to walk through the pathway with all these black colored water. Woooooooooh.. The germs. It’s like getting into my system and would consume why whole body in a second. Gosh.

Finally, the water, the blood and the stain. The water being thrown into the meat to wash it off and makes it looks fresh for the hour. Many vendors will just throw that into the fish and walah! It’ll hit you as well. What are you? A fish? I hate it. Now the blood. I hate to see blood; I might have a phobia with it but only during accident. It’s not even a phobia I think. But I hate it. When a vendor is chopping a piece of meat, some blood will just have wings that fly into you. That will be the stain.

That’s how problematic I am when my sibling or my mother asks me to go to the market. Amidst all these feeling, I still walked myself into the market and bough fish. There were stained on my t-shirt, a mud on my feet and a stinky smell when I went out the section. I immediately went to the hanging rice section and bought 200 pieces of it.

I hastened myself to get a tricycle to get home and get a nice wash up.

That’s a market experience.


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