Fire at Early Dawn

Before the sun could even rise in the sky, the like of it went down and shines bright past 1am. The fire started from a warehouse, the former shabu laboratory known worldwide as the biggest shabu laboratory in Southeast Asia. The fire was ablaze when we found it out.

People started to gather around and some are preparing their stuff so that if something goes wrong they could immediately evacuate easily. But for us, we were just standing by because we knew that trucks of fireman will be in the place to put off the fire. We were not wrong; we heard sirens of fireman’s truck coming from different area. We knew all along that we are out of danger.

But we never left our post just in case. We waited for the fire to be out and went back to bed. In less than an hour, it was out. The fire was out. It took me more than one hour to finally settle inside the house and tried to get myself to sleep. More work to do later. So I need to sleep.


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