My Grandfather Passed Away

I got the new just early this evening from my Auntie Merlinda, my father’s older sister that my grandfather passed away last Wednesday. She received the news from my cousins who came to my auntie’s house to personally inform her about my Lolo Vicente’s death. I am sad to hear the news and everybody in the family does. But the news brought also a little stir to my already confused and super stressed mind. The whole family is scheduled to go to the beach tomorrow to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The plan is now  solid and we are just waiting for a change of day.

The notice is so late yet fast. Late because, we just received the news this evening and fast because he will be send to his final place tomorrow at 2pm. Literally, we are all confused. But since we are all set up, the plan must not be cancelled. So my father and mother, my auntie and the rest of their siblings met up at my other auntie’s place. My eldest was there during their discussion. When my sister arrived home, she shared to me what they have decided on matter.

They have decided to allow us to pursue with the plan on going to the beach tomorrow but my father will be left behind and show himself to the funeral tomorrow as our representative. Gosh, it is like an ambassador of our family. Setting the joke aside, he will show up there for the reason that he is one of the few members of the family who is known to the family of the deceased. I concur with that reason and beside I have not met the person and his family. If we ever had, we’ve never recognized each other. Though I really really wanted to know them all. But I can’t do that. I have my own life to live and a life to support. Meeting them would require me time of knowing them. It will be the first and we will just be strangers on the road passing each others by.

I just want to say a prayer for my lolo for a peaceful rest. May God call him to be by His side. To the left behind of the deceased, my auntie and cousins, be strong, have faith and pray that his passing will help you move forward and to keep your family more solid. Love and respect is key.


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