A Bonus from my Client

It’s been a while since my client asked me to send her the banner that I created for her company’s blogsite. But because I was so preoccupied with all these personal matters, I wasn’t able to communicate with her to answer to her request. It was last day when I was finally caught her online. I sent her a message, talked for a while and sent her the logo.

After a while, she answered to my mail with another request. She requested to add some text to the banner which she quoted. I was so exhausted that morning from working, so I was not in the mood to do any design. I signed off without leaving her a note. But I know she understands. She always is.

She is by the General Manager of Imperial Accounting Solution LLC, an accounting firm in the USA. Today, I’ve talked to her again informing her that I am working on the banner. She was happy that finally I am on to the banner. After a while I sent her a message that I had already emailed her the banner. After a minute of two, I received her reply. To quote “Joe, I love it!” I like the banner so much. Since I gave her three options, she even asked me which of the three I like most. I gave her my honest answer. The answer was the same as her.

There was silence in YM for a while. The next time she messaged me, she was informing me that she has given me a bonus for the job well done with the banner. She was so grateful and so am I. I was so thankful for her giving me a bonus. More to it is an accomplishment for recognizing my effort to make the design beautiful.

I’ve received many bonuses from the past employers but this one is more memorable. I worked on this alone so I deserve this more than anything else.

Thank you so much Marilyn.

To know more about my client please visit www.imperial-asllc.com and the blogsite that I made, www.imperialaccountingsolutionsllc.blogspot.com.

Thank you guys.


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