Cooking rice for the first time

Thirty minutes past 2am when my stomach started to make a weird sound. It’s as if clamoring for something to break up. Guess what? I am hungry. In a few minutes I’ll be starting to get crazy to get a little to eat. Worst is, I get dizzy and muscular shake.

Since its early dawn while people inside the house are all on in their dream world and some are snoring loudly, my stomach is starting to get hooked on my head and is gradually directing my brain to clamor more for food. I know in a little while I’ll be half head and useless if this hunger gets worst.

Before I get myself starved, I started to look for something to eat. Regrettably there was none outside (like there is any store open in this unholy hour… dream on). I got back inside the house, started to look for food. I saw noodles but I wished it was a pancit canton. Then I thought of pairing the noodles with rice. Not a bad idea huh. However, cooked rice was no where to be found. A call for a chef cook. So, I decided to try cooking rice for the first time. It’s not actually the first time in my whole life, but today would be my first time in the last decade probably. I can’t even remember when the last time I had cooked rice was.

Anyhow, as a former Jollibee’s Product Controller, I know the basic rule in cooking rice. It uses 1:1 water to rice ratio. That’s simple! I got two cups of rice then have it rinse out with water. After which, I got exactly the same cup from our glass tray. Then, I get 2 cups of water which is equal to the same number of cups of rice. I put cauldron on the stove and started cooking.

I left it for about 5 minutes. When I came back, the water was gone and it was time to lower the fire to have very nice cooked rice, then I left again. The next time I came back. A scorching rice came into my view. Good thing I cooked 2 cups of rice enough to have something left for me and rest is burnt. I wanted to get sad because I made a lot of waste rice but I can’t do anything about it anymore. It’s been done. I cooked the noodles after the rice and finally I had my pre-breakfast meal.

I was full with my meal. Now it is really clear. I am not going to be a person to work inside the kitchen because I don’t even know how to cook rice for myself.


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