Wanting to be a PCOS Technician for the Election 2010

I applied for the position December of last year when I saw their posting at mynimo.com. I was hesitant first to submit my resume because the posting said that accepted applicants will be assigned to the northern part of Cebu. Part of which is my hometown Tuburan. It is an hour V-hire ride via Transcentral Hi-way, a 4 hour ride via North road and a 6 hour ride via Toledo-South. Just imagine the ride first. The place is really far.

The second concern was, if incase I will be accepted then I need to go back to Tuburan to render hours of work. It will not just be a day of event but I was also considering days of preparation for the Election Day. I was thinking a whole week including the Election Day. The question there is “How about my Work here?” I’ve got two offices to report to and a home based job. What about my dollars? Gosh, a lot of $$$$ will be lost from my pocket.

The third concern was the place to stay. Well, I’ve got many place to stay there actually. But, will they accept me? I mean it’s been years, decade rather since I’ve met those people. They are actually my very close relatives and are so dear to me, but I consider change. Imagine the change within that decade since we last met.

Last and foremost is my safety. This is also my sister’s primary concern – my safety. Tuburan for the information of everybody is considered by COMELEC as one of the HOTSPOT. Hotspot by COMELEC means that the place is experiencing election related violence like killing prior to Election Day and the Election Day itself. Now that is not cool right?

Enough of those concerns, I still hit the “SUBMIT” button to send in my application and resume.

See where Tuburan is for yourself:

Pic from google.com


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