PCOS Technician Application Update

Its been many months that past until 9PM of March 18, 2010 when I received an SMS instructing me to be at Eduardo Aboitiz Development Learning Center for the PCOS Technician Training “tomorrow” at 8AM. Hmmm. Can you just imagine how confused I was upon reading the message? I have not made a noticed to my supervisor about my leave or change of shift. That certain time, I was doing my home base job which I had a deadline. I even planned to work until 6am. Confusion according to Merriam dictionary is the inability to think with your usual speed. I was feeling that way. I was just stucked. I couldn’t think clearly and result to a clear decision.

All I know is that I need to come up with a decision. With all those concerns and despite being confused, I still confirmed my attendance for the training. I really want to be part of this first automated election. To be a technician to this now a much known machine is really something for me. I also want to go back and visit the place. I really missed it so much. More to that are the people. I love seeing them again. They’re a part of my past. And seriously, I missed and love to see them again.

I’ll be at the training and I’ll be in Tuburan for the Election Day 2010 very soon.


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