PCOS (Precinct-Count Optical Scanner) Technician Training Day

Just an hour sleep from last night, I took a bath at about 7am to ready myself for the PCOS (Precinct-Count Optical Scanner) Technician Training which will happen an hour after. I hurriedly finished what I need to finished so I could head for the place. And since I don’t know the place, I need to allot extra time for locating the exact place. No matter how I tried to leave the place the earliest possible time, I still end up past 7am before leaving my home.

I took my usual ride to Mandaue Mercado. While on my first ride, I planned to buy a ball pen at Mercado to be used in the training. But because it was 20 minutes before 8am and before the training could start, I forgot to buy a ball pen. Time filled up my mind. I took a taxi that was the nicest taxi in town right now-Avanza taxi. I ask the driver to take me to the place the fastest time possible. He was so nice that I arrived at the place 5minutes before 8.

I approached the place’s information desk to ask where exactly the training is. But before they direct me to the place, they still verified my presence. They asked for the SMS sent by the company. Fortunately, I am not the type of person who erases SMS in my mobile phone’s inbox. So I was still able to present the SMS to them. Then they instructed me to the place where PCOS Technician Training took place.

There was an application form that I need to filled out and the requirements to be submitted. After complying those, I was asked to stay in a room where other applicants are also waiting.

To my surprise, I’ve noticed that all other applicants in the room are from Tuburan except my seatmate who is from Borbon. I was then informed that it was Municipality of Tuburan PCOS Technician Training’s Schedule. So that is why. We were then grouped into 14 which eventually became training mates.

When we arrived to the room DANG-AG 3. We were then asked to take our seat. Then we were arranged into a boy-girl seating arrangement. My seatmate was Mrs. Maricel Gabilan. A very funny education graduate from Tuburan. In front of us is the PCOS Machine. One each trainee.  A guy was already in front of the class, we called him Mr. Ding. Our trainer and the other who arrived minutes after, Mr. Cocoi – the co-trainer.

After introducing ourselves to everyone in the room, the proper training followed. From morning to 3PM, it was all about PCOS. Everything was laid and handed down to us. Because as soon as the clock hits on 3PM the exam will be given will comprises the 50% of the whole training. An interview and practical evaluation subsequently followed which comprises the 30% of the total percentage. The remaining 20% was taken from the trainee’s attitude.

I finished the exam not later than 10 minutes. I found it easy because it was all discussed by that trainer. You only need to listen and take note of some important points. As soon as everyone finished the exam, we found ourselves outside the room. We were instructed to stay outside the room until our name is called.

The first batch of name was 3, and then the rest was by two until I was left outside alone. My mind went crazy waiting to be called. I hate it because I was the only one left waiting. The rest was already inside and was having fun. I could hear their laughter. While waiting for my name to be called, I texted a friend of my mind to seek for confidante. He replied but it was time to me to get in the room. My name was finally called.

All eyes were on me when I entered the room. Even our trainer’s. I even heard Cocoi uttered “Patay na ni” to his co-trainer, Ding. Then they surprised me by asking me to dance for them. Aaammm. I am not into dancing. Gee, I need divine intervention that time. I asked help from my training mates on what to dance. My trainers then played “Itaktak Mo.” For I know, I laughed out loud. I don’t know the dance. I pushed to just let me sing instead. First I sung “I have two hands”, then “open Arms” and the last was “Right Now”. Finally the talent portion finished. The interview and the practical came after. They all had fun because to them I sounded American with my English. I was not. I was just speaking normally. But it was something to them.

I made it through and the result was given. I passed and I will be in Tuburan for the Election Day 2010.

See you all there.


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