A Human Rights Violation

I found this video on facebook upload by one of FB member. The videos shows snatchers (as labeled on the video clip), so untidy, and with ruptured faces. The boys are obviously stricken with the wounds on their faces and possibly more on their bodies. Just by seeing the title of the clip you would initially can’t feel sympathy for these people. I myself feel that those wounds on their faces are just right for them for what they have done. But on the later part of the clip, you can hear a very authoritative voice instructing them to kiss each other. I started to feel pity for the guys. I mean, yes they’ve been bad and they deserve to be in prison. But do they deserve kissing each other? For me, it is NOT. It is against human rights. If you are familiar with law, you know that it is very wrong. And these voices on the background are surely and definitely know about law. And what are they doing?

Out of being scared from getting any more harm from the guys around them. They kiss each other. In the very first place, having these people forced to kiss each other is already wrong. And man who instructed them to kiss was not even happy with it. He wanted them to torridly kiss each other like what he has seen on CD’s. Now, an inhuman human he is. Is he shooting a pornographic film with snatchers as his actors? Is he something else in position or a movie director?

I feel pity for these guys for what they are instructed to. But this does not negate their wrong actions. They should be punished by law and should be treated with just law. Also, they deserve justice from these people who humanly violated their human rights. Shame on these guys who forced them to do torrid kissing.

Click here on this link to see the video


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