My Alice in Wonderland Sleeping Experience

We got the ticket for 140.00 pesos each. Is that how expensive movie ticket nowadays? Gosh, I was about to back out after seeing the price. But it was too late to cancel the plan because we were already in the place. Let’s just say, I got myself into a trap now. We brought in a popcorn and an ice tea came after an hour. I really went out from the cinema to get us an ice tea.

We arrived at the theater late for the start of the movie. We find ourselves a seat at the balcony area of the theater. Again the movie was Alice in Wonderland. The adaptation of the cartoon movie Alice in Wonderland which is shown on TV as a cartoon series. I was into Alice in Wonderland the cartoon version way back when I was a child. I love seeing Alice’s adventure with all these cute and funny characters in wonderland. I found little bunny as the cutest actually. Finally, we found ourselves a seat. On to the movie now – yeah. Right away, what captured me is Queen Heart (the movie villainess). Her head and hair was so heart (hahaha). I was also captured by her costume. Actually, their costumes did. All the costumes used by the characters was so amazing. It was beautifully beautiful. The setting was comparably beautiful as well. There setting was the old England where everything about the place captured me frantically. Everything about England, I love it. It added to my amazement to the movie Alice in Wonderland.

While in the middle of the movie, I noticed everything went dark. It was late when I found myself fast dead to the world. I slept watching Alice in Wonderland. I couldn’t blame myself. No matter how I love to finished the movie, but because I never had slept since a day before that, it was just not enough to stop my eyes from closing in and fell myself to sleep (hehehe). The movie as about 2 hours, and in my estimation, I slept half of the movie length. Aftermath says I paid half of the movie ticket for the nice doze inside the theater. I paid that much, why didn’t just I go home after the hospital to get myself a beautiful and priceless sleep. But it was a nice experience though. Sleeping in the theater and after coming back to my senses, the wide screen showing Alice in Wonderland always welcoming my eyes.


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