Halo-halo for head pain

A continuance of last day’s in search of answer to my health predicament. After going to the hospital which is already past noon and the sun is gracing its very hot heat wave, Mami Mai and I went to an unsolicited visit of our friend who live nearby Perpetual Soccour Hospital. Luckily she was in her house that time busy over something very personal. As we always are to our very close friends, we came to her house very courteous (to her mother and aunt) and demanding to her. We let her look for food for us because it was already late in the afternoon and Mami Mai and I still didn’t have lunch. We were so hungry. It was battle first of who will go out and buy food for the three of us. But because, we were so strategic, Dhang lowered her flag down and went out to buy food so we could all have lunch. She arrived with these pale and uncooked pork barbeque and a very delicious meat balls.

After having lunch and it was late for Dhang to report for work, we all headed for Ayala. I got some things to do there. I finished what I needed to do in Ayala first while Mami Mai had to wait for her expected friend to arrive. While waiting, we look for a place to stay where we could have something to slowly munch. Its a hot day, I was having headache, and I was not feeling good. I was thinking of an ice cold drink that could help me get through it. I suggested for a halo-halo for us instead. They agreed unquestionably.

We went to Ice Castle and ordered us a Halo-halo Super. If I recall, it was our third time together eating halo-halo at Ice Castle. And as always, Ice Castle’s Halo-halo never disappoints my taste buds. I mean our taste buds because they also have their halo-halo. It was so delicious and I personally want to go back at the restaurant to eat again halo-halo super.

Subsequent to eating halo-halo, we went out from Ice Castle to meet the person Mami Mai was waiting. After which, we culminate our Ayala date with watching the movie, Alice in Wonderland.


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    And don’t forget to mention this. While Mami Mai and me waiting for a taxi to go home we decided to eat siomai in Labangon. But before we could forget that Joemarie was on his ride home, I had to pretend to have an emergency to let him go back and go with us. So it happened, he did go back and go with us. We were like crazy and stupid while riding in a public vehicle because we were discussing our dollar wages. .hahaha..and people were staring at us as if they’re going to held us hostages because aside from being beautiful we three look like rich and valuable..hahaha. Soon we arrived at the venue. We were busy eating and Joemarie was busy eating and complaining about the siomai and the unique rice. But as soon as were half way eating there was a man who arrived and joins out our table because table had the only vacant seat. The man acted as if it’s his first time eating there. We chit chat a little and made fun of him. The guy enjoyed our company so he decided to treat us
    COKE..wow!!! And he left his phone number to Joemarie and his name is CHRISTIAN SAMPILO and what a name..he was with his motorcycle and knapsack and he has a moreno complexion and I should say that he is handsome… I wonder whose destiny he is?? mmmmmmm????

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