A Siomai sa Tisa Encounter.

Just as I was able to load myself inside a jeepney bound for Mandaue, a very familiar face was waiving her hand suggesting me to move down from the ride. I was so sleepy that my brain needed a split of second to recognized Dhang. Her face was so worried, as if emergency had happened. I look around her from my where I was seated, I didn’t see Mami Mai. My mind just rushed to creating imagination that something must be wrong with Mami Mai. So I hasten to go down from the jeepney. When I finally got down, I saw Mami Mai at about three meters distance throwing a smile. I was fooled by my presumptions.

Dhang then informed me to go with them to Labangon to eat siomai. Gee! It was really an emergency. It’s food that we are talking here. I say it is an emergency. Without any question to battle Dhang out for the answers that she might speak, I go with them.

After reaching the place, we look for a place to sit. I actually wanted to settle ourselves at Jeff’s place. However, his place was box office. Like it is always is. Kuya Jeff has the most delicious siomai in the whole of Labangon so to speak. His has simply the best tasting siomai. You’ll go wanting for more and looking back for more. Sad to say we can’t find a place to sit. So we just pleased ourselves in a neighboring siomai house. The siomai was not that bad but not as delicious a Kuya Jeff’s.

Nearing to the last bite of siomai and a puso, a guy on his motorcycle arrived to park his motor right behind where Mami Mai was seated. I thought he was living in the area or someone who knows the owner of the siomai house. But I was wrong, because when he spoke, he was so innocent in the place. He was scared if a towing vehicle would come and towed his motorcycle. The place where his motor parked was not meant for parking. Also, his action shows he was unsure on what to do and where to go. He kept on asking the siomai vendor about something.

Dhang was not finished eating her food during those moment. By the time the guy ate, Dhang was still chewing her food. Since the guy seated next to Mami Mai’s seat just across Dhang’s seat, they seems to be just having dinner together. A couple dating with a siomai in their mouth (hahaha). Minutes went on and the words found an answers from the guy himself. The conversation started between the four of us around the table. Names was given, information was divulged and laughter colored the conversation more. We had found an acquaintance in the person of Christian Sampilo. He was a cool guy and very accommodating. He treated us a bottle of coke each and continue on with the talking. You might wonder how Mami Mai and Dhang conversed with a stranger. Hehehe, of course all the untrue things were spoken. Hahaha, poor Christian, but I know he never believed in everything we said to him. How would you believe that Innodata is producing noodles and we are working there packing those noodles?

Night gets deeper and the time to head for home has arrived. We bade our goodbyes and headed home. Hmmpp, I wonder if he also said truthful words. Is he really single? Hahaha. That’s what my friends said while we were in the jeepney for Ayala.


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