So sickly these days.

3am today I feel pain and numbness at the left side of my head. From there the pain travels unto my forehead. Sometimes resulting to dizziness and an excruciating head pain. I was so alarmed. But because I was on duty, I just endured the pain. Then I remembered that we have a company nurse. Only, she has left the clinic already. The shift schedules of the nurses are between 8am to 5pm for the morning and 8pm to 5am for the graveyard. It was past 5am when I remember that we actually have a company nurse.

The pain goes on as I keep on enduring it. I just want to finish the shift and head directly to the hospital afterwards. I was counting the ticking of the clock already. Every move of the minute hand towards the end of the shift is happiness to me. I am so anxious to end it fast. But I need to wait until it hit 6am.

I recall how this pain started. First, I was just thinking that this is just a simple stiff neck since I had experienced it. Days past, the feeling of the pain became more and more atypical. As the day past, the pain travels up to the left part of my head causing me feel numbness and from mild to severe pain. If it gets worst, the pain reaches my forehead resulting me to feel dizziness. This is really not a typical stiff neck. Until today that I can’t get enough of the pain, so I seek for medical attention.

I asked my Erma Luth Bornales or my Mami Mai as I call her to accompany me to the hospital since today is her off from work. So blessed and she always is a blessing to me that she accompanied me to the hospital. First we went to Chung Hua Hospital because I was anticipating for the possibility of undergoing some laboratory test. Chung Hua Hospital has the latest medical equipments here in Cebu City.

Mami Mai arrived at Chung Hua Hospital 30 minutes before me. I was actually late but I am thankful because she waited there steadfastly. Then we went to their medical building which is at the back of the Chung Hua Hospital main building. We went to my health insurance coordinator to get a referral, after which, we headed to the referred doctor.

Unfortunately, she was not having a clinic this day. But I was confused why I was referred to a Nephrology. What is nephrology by the way? Yeah, never mind. What I really want is to have their findings and prescription on my situation. But she was not there anyway.

Then we decided to go to Perpetual Soccour Hospital where I actually got an expert’s opinion. I was primarily diagnosed with Tension Headache with Muscular Pain. An RX was given hoping it could stop the pain so that I may not need to undergo more medical procedures. I hope, cause I don’t want to get worsen.

To my Mami Mai, I deepest thank to you. Hoping you the best health always. Good bless.


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