How true is “Opportunity Comes Only Once”?


I always have this guiding line since my childhood. This guiding line has always been my guide in every life’s endeavor. That is “Opportunity Comes only Once.” I strongly believe in it. This has a big impact in me in decision making, choosing the path, and the destination I want to be in. Years ago, I was looking for that opportunity to come in and grab it immediately like I always was. Always accepting something I see an opportunity. I take hold of it without analyzing the sort of benefit it will bestow me. But I don’t blame myself because, that time opportunity comes very less and sometimes none. I was empty handed for the most time.

It was only after my college graduation when I see a very bright light ahead- the future. It was an amazing feeling that it kept me lost of words to describe it. The feeling was a feeling no words can explain. It is simply a feeling and it is best to keep it there. I still want to feel and feel it again from time to time and possibly for my lifetime. For some who truly knows me, they know the reason. All I am asking is your understanding and your support. For some who don’t, I am not encouraging to dig in the reason instead I am inviting you to be with my circle. The circle where true meaning of friendship, trust are in its core, in every layer up to the outside shield. Strong and resilient.

Now that I have a degree a big change has happened. Everything else that before I see was a dream, now turn into an opportunity. Everything around me widens, broaden and it’s a vast. I don’t take precautions because I see them all an opportunity. An opportunity that will lead me to where I want to be.

But it’s not at all positive for me if you think. Because, in every opportunity that I take is another opportunity I’ll be leaving. Leaving is not simple as we all know it. It takes a lot to move on and take a step forward and away from it. Yet, we need to go on. I need to move on. I will not stop until I am there.

Opportunity comes only once. Yes this still holds for me and I say this now and I will not get tire of saying this in the future that opportunity comes only once.

You might question why I keep on saying this and the reason of writing this article. Now here’s this. Currently, remember the date, March 16 of 2010. I am having a full time job at ACS a Xerox Company as a data entry operator. I also have a part time job at Ming’s World Web design. A blog designer, writer, web maintenance, a blog poster and there’s more. This is aside from the freelance webpage developer which I never took seriously. See how true is the line to me. I can’t even find an ample time for my sleep, my family and friends. Not even to myself.

Despite all this, I am happy because every one of this job is an opportunity. A learning opportunity – an experience. And we all know how important experience to us is.

I want to get tired but I can’t. I want to take a rest, still I can’t. And I don’t want to if you will suggest. Cause at point in time, the competition is it highest level and its still. Resting is simply not the kind of thing if you want to keep up with the competition. If you want to go somewhere from here. We must keep pressing on forward.


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