A newly Renovated Joven’s Grill

It was last 2007 when I first ate at Joven’s Grill. I was working with N.Pax Cebu Corporation, one of NgKhai Group of Company member. That was when the whole Company had to celebrate for the winning in NgKhai’s Sport Fest. Everyone was invited to first have a company lunch at restaurant. And a bowling competition at Gaisano Bowlingplex came after.

Joven’s Grill that time was totally different from what it is now. The ambience was not inviting and soothing. The food was not delicious. It was not something to go back for at that time. The cost of their “eat all you can” was 120.00 pesos per head only. I never planned to come back to eat again after having that kind of experience.

But today, in my revisiting the place, I am so in awe. It was nice, the ambience is great and the food was all delicious. They even have this Mongolian cuisine. The tables are now well arranged with beautifully designed cloth on it. The chairs are covered now. The displays of foods are now well placed and are now very tempting and mouth watering.

I never expect that they could change into something beautifully likable. I was even thinking of bringing my whole family to this restaurant in time of my mother’s natal day. Hmm.. let me think about it over night since the fee person is now raised to a 187.00. Hmm… it calls of an overtime work on my four jobs. Gosh! But there is nothing for my mother I could not endure. I will do everything just to make her special that day.

Joven’s Grill is really now a place I could recommend to all.  See you there!


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