A Dinner with my Friend to call it a day.

It was an unplanned but we still end up at Joven’s Grill at their Banilad Branch to have our dinner. We were both starving at about 5pm on our way back from a failure unsolicited visit to our one elementary friend, Rheamy Ligtas, who also my relative. When we arrived at their place, it was dark and abandoned. To our surprised, it was. So we ask from their neighbors about them. A woman who accommodatingly answered our queries told us what she knows about them. She said that one of the two children of the couple is married to a foreigner. I was thinking that it was Rheamy, but I cannot neglect the thought that her younger sister could also be the one since the woman doesn’t know exactly who was married to a foreigner.

I was saddened because we never met after I passed her by in one of our covered walk in school in Cebu Institute of Technology. We were both in haste that time. It was comprehensible though. Since we were both busy with our college life as a student. I was okay until the woman further said that we just missed their leaving for a week time. I was dismayed when I heard her words, because I’ve been asking Welkie to visit them at their house a month ago. Now, that we had the chance, they’re not there anymore. I only wish that we could meet each other in our tomorrow. I really missed them most specially Rheamy.

We then decided to go back to where we came from. While on our way we discussed about our next destination. Before finally agreeing to play badminton at Smash, we first need to agree on what to eat and where. Welkie is someone who knows very well the value of money. So I asked him to decide on the matter. But since he always has this argument that I am picky with the food I ate and the place to eat, I end up choosing. I first decided to eat at KFC where my friends term as “Para maiba naman.”

Getting nearer to KFC, I can feel the pain in my stomach like I normally feel when I am starving sometimes ravenous. This time, I badly need more rice to masticate. So I told him to take another route and take us to an Eat All U Can restaurant. He had Joven’s Grill in mind. So he headed us there.

So unfortunate for us, his motorcycle’s wheel got flat tire. So we both agreed to meet at Jollibee Hi-way where he will be going to fetch me so we could head for Joven’s Grill, while he will look for a vulcanizing shop. It was more than 30mins of waiting ‘til he finally showed up. My craving for food had lost already. But we went their anyway. We immediately filled our stomach with all these delicious foods the restaurant offered. We stayed there for almost 2 hours to satisfy ourselves with everything being prepared on there table and to suffice the amount we pay.

We headed home with our stomach full. That’s how my Sunday ends. Next Sunday, a badminton game with Welkie again.


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