Steven Silva – Starstruck V

 He is the Davaoeño who wants to make his parents proud through his love for singing. Basic Info Name: Steven Silva Nickname: “The Boy” Birthday: November 27, 1986 Birth Place: Oceanside, California Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009 Personal Steven’s Got Talent: Singing is something he has always loved doing, and is something he wishes to continue improving. Full Name: Steven Joseph Silva Favorites Steven’s Hit List 1. He likes staying updated with sports, hence he has his TV on Sportscenter all the time. 2. His favorite movie is The Sandlot. 3. Tom Cruise is his favorite actor, and Brian Mcknight is his favorite singer. 4. He finds Walter Dean Myers a very good author, saying all his books are deep and good reads. 5. He loves gnocchi, because it’s simple to cook and it is very filling. 6. Steven’s a complicated guy: he likes soccer, riding motorcycles, cooking and making paper airplanes! 7. He believes in the quote, “remember that friends will come and go, but family is constant.” Q & A Why did you enter showbiz? “To share the talent that I was given by God and to take advantage of the great opportunity of StarStruck.” If given the choice, which Kapuso star would you want to act with? “Marian Rivera.” What was the toughest challenge you had to face? “Moving away from home for college.” What is your biggest frustration? Your biggest regret? “Right now, it’s my lack of ability to speak Tagalog.” What are you most proud of? “Graduating from college.” What are your limitations? “Sometimes I’m too kind and also too soft-spoken.” Describe yourself in three words. “Humble, dedicated, loyal.” What is your most unforgettable experience? “Completing my OJT at the Marco Polo Davao Hotel. ” What are your fears? “Living my whole life and not amounting to anything.” What is your biggest dream? “To make my parents proud and show to them that I fully acknowledge the sacrifices and the love they’ve given to me.”

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