Company’s Social Networking Policy

I am supposed to blog this on the same day this happened. Unfortunately, because of the many stuffs I need to prioritized first last week, I forgot about this. And now that I remember so I am blogging this now. This is something important to read between the lines…. Here we go….

Wednesday of last week when I passed by at the HR bulletin board, I noticed a bulky paper posted on it. So I took time scanning it. The first page says about “Social Networking Policy”. I somehow get the idea of what is the post all about. But I still browsed every page of the post because I was eager to know what the company have for social networking. I found blogging near to the last page. Everything about blogging was not something to worry because I have not done anything against it. At that time, I was thinking about a site that was made by someone I know and contains about the company. That site is obviously break the company rules for the matter. Then I walked by.

The day after, when I checked on my blog stats, I found ‘Dina Romualdo” as the searched word. I was shocked. Because Miss D is our HR Supervisor. Who would googled her name other than her or people close to her. I checked the date and amazingly the date was the day before the post on the bulletin board. I kinda feel that the post was related to my page. Fortunately, I did not blogged anything that would ruin the company’s image. Though I blogged about what happened in the production Click HERE, I am still smart enough to not name names, not even the company.haha..

So thats it! Now my officemate are talking about the topic. Especially at present, there’s a lot doing blogging. They too are going crazy about blogging. And the post on the buletin board, it must be seriously taken.

I’m still thankful though to the person who googled “Dina Romualdo” and landed on my page. Thank you very much.


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