Pumping at Club Pump

Haha… I had soo much fun the whole time I was in the club. I thought I’d be contented watching people firing on the dance floor. But to my surprised, I found myself moving my body so hard to the beat.haha… It was my first time to dance again for a long time now. I guess I did it good with these bunch of “krung-krung”.haha… I was hesitant at the beginning so I just sit at the bar scanning the whole place. The place was so korean. There were many of them. Actually the club was as if made to cater them. There were few Filipinas but were there for their personal business. It was kinda odd staying in a place where people think of pinays as flesh traders. I hate saying their local term for the reason that I just hate seeing them as such. Anyways, I kept my eyes busy with all the korean guys coming in and out the place. That was the first time to party with them so they got me amazed. Amazed with their look. My eyes loved staring at them. I found them gwapo. Gosh, I think I found my boys over flower there. I as the flower over these korean boys. haha.. I love them. haha..
Now, back to their dancing. They danced like it was their first time. So with their dancing, made me feel like I belong. The awkwardness and conciousness with my dancing was gone. It immediately disappeared upon seeing how these koreans do it. Because I dance like them. haha… I dance like it was my first time too.

What made the night more fun is my friend Genesis. Because, while I was having fun, he was having a blast. Why?… it because he is my friend and I don’t want to divulge anything about him. So I’m sorry. I’ll leave it a secret…hehehe…

I’m so tired this Monday evening. This is all for now. ‘Til the next blog. I’ll tell you what happened to the party I co-hosted. Okay.

Ja Mata Minasan!!!


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