A Simple Prayer for My Cousin Lucy Comeros

Last day my mother told me about the death of my cousin Lucy due to stage 4 cancer. She was first rushed to one of the hospital in Mandaue City however the residents refused to admit her in. Then she was taken to another hospital in Cebu City where she eventually died. The side story is that she kept her illness to herself and her few trusted relatives. Not even her immediate family and her children knows about her having cancer of stage 4. It is said that she don’t want any of her family to worry or dispense anything for her illness. It so sad that only on her worst time her family knows the delimma they are facing.

Her lost brought pain to people who dearly knows her and to those she have done good. Because, this is a woman with a big heart. A heart ready to share to those who needs it. I may not know Lucy but upon talking to my mother about her makes me wish to knowing her. Lucy is a big lost to the family. A woman with pure heart and courage. Such an inspiration.

I am appealing my family, relatives and friends especially those bearing Comeros in their name to please give and say a simple prayer for Lucy’s soul to find her way to God’s eternal heaven. And to my cousin Lucy, my prayers are with you. May you have a peaceful journey to where good people should go, at the Lord’s side.

Her body will be laid down to her final resting placing this coming Saturday, December 12, 2009 at Tuburan Cebu.


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