A Chowking breakfast with my Friends

While trying to catch a morning work shift, I received a call from Ate Puya who was with Genesis inviting me for breakfast. They’re already in Chowking at the time of their call. I was kinda hesitant to say yes because I have a work at 6am but my excitement to see them both especially Genesis who arrived last day from SG. I could not resist my wanting to see these two people who inspires me a lot. So I ended up spending quality time with them. I love it…

Ate Puya for her positive outlook in life. She always have this smile everytime we meet. Seeing her always in a happy mode lightens my day. I always look forward to meeting her. And Genesis for being there at times I need someone to push me going. For many times I wanted to stop, he speak of words I wanted to hear badly. Words that inspires and that there is something beautiful waiting beyond every horizon. Gosh, that horizon is so far from me. But, I can wait. As per Miley Cyrus… It’s the Climb.


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