My friend is back on one lazy day!

I’m off from work so i went lazy the whole morning. I woke up at 11am to eat my brunch. After which I checked my email to see mail from my beautiful lead Ms. Karen Bautista. I got her email which is about the script for the company’s christmas party this weekend. We work here as a tandem. I do the writing while she does editing. We are doing great so far. And we always are.

While doing the review, I received a good news from a friend. She’s Mary Jane Apuya. A good friend way back in college until now. She sent in a news that our equally good friend Mr. Genesis Deiparine is back from Singapore. And that’s absolutely a good news. Also, she is inviting me to the get together and a welcome bash for him at the pump tonight. The invitation got me more lazy the whole afternoon. I was thinking on what to decide. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to personally welcome my friend, Gen. But I’m off budget. Yes, admittedly I’m broke. I got no extra for a simple night out. All I’ve got now is for my dailies.

I felt extremely bad so I just stayed lying on my bed. huhu.. On the lighter side, I may missed the bonding and the fun with them tonight, however, I am excited to fulfilling my commitments. I need to go to work at 6am to give way to the rehearsal with my lead along with the two other MC’s in the afternoon. I’m getting super excited about the rehearsal. hehe.. If I’m going to the party tonight, possibly I will not be able to finished my commitments for tomorrow. I’ll just send him an sms tonight.


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