Plants Vs Zombies Fever

Plants versus Zombies, the game that make me stay till 3am everyday. I just could not get my hand off the mouse when I have start playing the game. This game was introduced by my friendl last August She saw this from her officemates having so much fun while into the game. She was curious and ask for a copy of its executable file and share it with me. I tried it first on her pc and I was having fun from the start. I like the graphics, sounds, and the whole idea of the game. I am amazed of the creator getting fun with plants to battle with the zombies. Not only that, each plant have different capabilites and power level as well as the zombies. It is so amazing. The creator of the game is a genius. I like the sunflowers’ smile. It makes me smile as well while playing the game.
Now the game became an instant hit to my officemates after one of our officemate heard this from Bianca (PBB Uplate host). The game then was shared to the rest of our officemates. And now celeb game to the entire office.

How about you, have you played the game? Then, LET’S ROCK!


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