“Don’t Provoke Me!”

I had a heated conversation with my superior earlier today, about 15 minutes before 1pm. This went fast. She raised her voice first and I raised mine. Then a clashed just happened. She echoed to the entire workplace the line “Don’t provoke me!” I was shocked. What was she thinking. I was not provoking her. I was just explaining my presence beside my officemate who happen to be my co-host for the coming company christmas party. We were discussing regarding the program if he has any concern so I will be able to raised it to the program committee meeting at 1pm. Is explaining means provoking now? I believe not! She’s just deaf with reasons. She just dont want to listen to people’s explaining especially if she knows she can’t rebuttle any further if an arguement will erupt. She just can’t sustain arguing with people she knows people did nothing against. If only she came to us and ask why and did not raised her voice that covered our area, she would’ve known and not acted the way she acted. And, if only she listen and permitted me to explain, the arguement wont happened. She cut me off while trying to explain to her why I was there with her hard and raised tone voice. She was mad at me. She showed it infront of her subordinates. Why? Why should you act that way? Why should your treat your people that way? Where is your ethics? Or do you have any!


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