This hosting job makes me go crazy

I can now feel the pressure of this hosting job for the coming company christmas party. Especially now that it will be this weekend. Aaaa!!!! I am not prepared as well the two other hosts. We are definitely not prepared at all. The script is not made, not even a draft. There are many necessary information needed that are still no where to be found. How can we rehearse without it. My co-MC’s and I have not yet met to brainstorm the things that we need to do onstage. Everything for the party for the job are all scrap upto now. We have not made it into a good work of art. This is so alarming!

Moreover, I still dont have a chinese costume for the party. Gosh, this is killing me. Dhang and I toured the whole of Ayala, Cebu to look for a chinese dress but we found nothing. Nothing to wear for the party. Nothing!!!

Right now… I still dont know where to look and how to start.


2 Responses to “This hosting job makes me go crazy”

  1. Ms. K Says:

    Oh, you’re doing a good job. We are halfway done. We just need to do the reading soon.

    As for the costume, however, that i cannot help! ehehehe!

    Goodluck to the 3 of you and BREAK A LEG! šŸ™‚

    Jebra’s Blog


    Imperial Accounting Solutions LLC

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