Maria Felda’s Shoutout:”I am aging UP! Greet me a Happy Birthday people!”

I first met this lady(She was young then, about in her thirty.Hehe) six years ago. That’s how long our friendship is. She was this jolly, open-minded, friendly, sometimes serious and sometimes strict lady. She has the best way of cracking joke. For some who first met her and those who doesn’t know her that much would actually think she was not joking. Because she’s so good in making her joke as if it’s not joke at all. No second thought, she can make you believe her. She is the real definition of looks can be deceiving. A woman with great, good sense of humor. FYI, I learned my way of joking from her. She’s my guru. Just keep this our secret, okay. She must not know. Thanks a lot.

More to that is her wit. She is a woman that has acquired diploma in Genetic Engineering, Psycology, Medicine, Computer Science, Geodetic Engineering and a whole lot more. Ask her anything related to these fields, believe me she knows it. In short, she is a woman that knows everything and a woman that has mastered none.hehe.. Nope! Seriously, you ask her personally and see how witty she is.

As a friend, she’s one of the best and the fairest. She embodied the true meaning of friendship. If you’ll ask me the definition of friendship, my answer is Maria Felda Querubin. Know her skin deep! You’ll see what I mean. Ofcourse, because she’s only human, she also have these negative traits, and negative etc. I don’t want to say bad things about her because its her birthday today, the 6th of December. Also, I don’t want to mention that she can be a beast enemy because I love my friend. So, I’m just leaving it to you a mystery. But I have to leave you this, be careful! Okay?!!


Maria Felda “Dhang” Querubin!!!!

Wish you all the Best! Thanks for the healthy Friendship!


2 Responses to “Maria Felda’s Shoutout:”I am aging UP! Greet me a Happy Birthday people!””


    i love you very much jome, you really knew me inside and out..and i really hope that our friendship will last forever. I just want to say sorry for all my shortcomings specially nowadays i still have hang-ups of something else and i assume that you already knew it. your really one of the person whom i trust and love the most because you bring out the best of me. thanks alot and i love you!!!!

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