I long to see the person who once was mine.

I can’t remember when exactly we separated ways. What I can remember is the pain, the broken heart, the tears and the empty solitary nights after the broke up. It was a tough decision that it took me more than a week to finally decide to end everything. Prior to that, there were two other instances that I told the person to have this relationship ended which the person strongly disagreed. But that day, I was made up. I need to not because I’m not happy with the person or with the relationship. But because the person needs to go. I pushed the person away for another person. This person is not for me but for another person. It was not like an obligation but I took it that way. I am obliged to do it because the person was meant for another person. They were just meant to be.

They are expecting their child early next year. I knew it because the person was so honest with me. Infact, I was the one the person called up after confirming it through PT. The news came to me like an arrow slowly penetrating through my flesh straight to my heart. I acted like I was prepared for it to hide the great pain I was feeling. I laugh when I recall that night. I came up a lousy and the worst actor. I tried to act normally but I was not able to sustained the acting. I accidentally hit my cup of coke. It fell spilling on the floor hehe..These are the not so good experiences while in the relationship and even after the broke up.

How could I forget that night when we spent the whole time together very happy. It was so unforgettable. We had so much fun. I am sure that he was happy because he thanked me with the excitement of having it again. Those words were expressed coming from the heart. Lovely:)

We had many good and happy memories together. There were nights in an internet cafe, in a siomai sa tisa, in a bakery, playing text twist and plants vs. zombies, a nights full talking and the nights we spent for ourselves and a lot more. So memorable.

I am now missing the person!!!.


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