One Comeros Clan:A Clamor for Help.


 R U 1 of Us?

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First Generation Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation
Angel Comeros & Sebastiana Pacaña (deceased) Eufracio & Magdalena Makig-angay (deceased) Arthuro & Ronnie Sumabong McArcs Sumabong
*Other names will follow.
Bernardo & Edyl Comeros *Other names will follow.
Marlon & Nora Comeros Hazil Comeros
*Other names will follow.
Allan & Magdalena Comeros *Other names will follow.
Galicano & Corsina Comeros (deceased) Galicano Jr & Onnie Comeros Dave Comeros
Joeven Comeros
Junior Melendres & Editha Comeros Aiko Melendres
Ruffa Melendres
Jeanette Melendres
Zoren Melendres
Romel & Emily Comeros Neemrel Comeros
Shenely Comeros
Daniel Comeros
Benjamin Amparo & Erlinda Comeros Benjeric Amparo  
Ronaldo Alpabete & Amalia Amparo Ezerbenz Jay Alpabete
Jake Harold Alpabete
Rhona Jane Alpabete
Mohamed Ismail Abdul Gapor & Teresita Arocha Kristine Thea Arocha
Kyle James Arocha
Keith Andrew Arocha
Joemarie Amparo  
Winnie Robledo & Juvelyn Amparo Natalia Noreen Robledo(deceased)
Benjamin Amparo Jr  

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  1. danielle Says:

    may i joiun

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