Tutor, Tutorial, Tutoring

This is about last night, I tutored my niece and nephews. I was pushed to tutor them after seeing their grades starting in 7. It was so alarming. I mean their parents didn’t have these grades way back in their grade school years. How could this child have such grades. I’ve got grades in 7 in my elementary years but only in Good Moral and Right Conduct and Religion subjects. Hehe… and I ‘ve got my academic all in 80 plus. My sisters and I never had these vitamins and brain enhancers stuff. To see their grades was a disastrous.

I talked to them one by one and ask what’s wrong. A stunning answer of “I don’t know” that makes my head go crazy. Without further questions ask, I commanded them to go get a book of the subject they have difficulty with.

It was like an advance reading tutorial. I just want to study in advance with their subjects. If any case they will have quiz on the topics, they already know. It took me a hard time to really help them learn the topics. I let them memorize words, terms, definitions and etc. I also let their mind flow and just speak. At the end of every topic, is a quiz. Well, they were able to give right answers but not a perfect quiz… at all.

I am not a teacher. I am just imparting my own technique in studying. Well, it worked for me but it seems it isn’t to them. I don’t know what to do.

Any help from you guys?!!!…


4 Responses to “Tutor, Tutorial, Tutoring”

  1. xgenesis007 Says:

    teach them how to understand better and inspire them to like what they’re learning … make it as fun as possible 🙂 fun while learning so to speak ….

    Jebra’s Blog


    Imperial Accounting Solutions LLC

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